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About I Next

Generations Y and Next are sophisticated and directed, world aware and capable of great pursuits and contributions. They show up with a high degree of individuation, and a great capacity for connecting Heart and Mind. How can an integral approach help them further unlock and discover who they are and what they are here for?

They are the emerging leaders of tomorrow. They are the ones who will shape the world we live in, in key ways – through integral business, integral leadership integral parenting, integral health, evolutionary spirituality, and their own fine-tuned Integral Life Practices. The skills, capacities and perspectives required for them to navigate and contribute in our increasingly complex world, without falling victim to a cynical mindset, asks of Generation Y and Next to be more themselves than ever, while relaxing the walls of separation between themselves and others. The ego tends to become more and more subtle and refined.

The next step involves dropping into the authentic self, and re-envisioning and recreating self, culture, and our collective future from that perspective. This is not a solo journey. More than ever before we need to come together in community – to offer one another support and inspiration, and to shift our consciousness and the paradigm of self-centeredness to one of collaboration, compassion and wisdom. Our Integral Next branch celebrates these generations and seeks to work with them to facilitate integrally informed lives, relationships, and careers. We are all in this together, and the complexity of our times asks us to work together across generations, to blow wind into each others’ sails and to discover what we can do as one great collective humanity to turn our world toward greater sanity, justice, and Love.


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